Postmortem Automatic Notifications


(Ryan Ackerland) #1

Is there a way to “subscribe” to Postmortems in Pager Duty? In example, when a Postmortem is marked closed, can the report (or a link to the report) be emailed to a specific group?

We’re manually e-mailing the PDFs to management and stakeholders after completing a Postmortem, but we would like to do so automatically if possible.

Any other suggestions would also be appreciated. Thank you!

(John O'Donnell) #2

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your message. I am afraid at this point, this is not something we can offer. The ability to share a Postmortem is done by the export to PDF button and then sent on to the relevant colleagues.

I’ll pass along your feedback to our Product team though and let them know your suggestion.

Kind regards,

(Simon Fiddaman) #3

I couldn’t find it in the REST API docs, but maybe it could be added to the REST API so we could poll for any new Postmortems and do something with that (like download the generated pdf)?

Would that work or are you @Rackerland specifically looking for PagerDuty to the heavy lifting in terms of triggering and preparing the email + download?

I’m also curious if all of your recipients PagerDuty users, even if they’re subscribers? I can imagine you wouldn’t want the postmortem to be available via an unauthenticated link and PagerDuty probably don’t want to maintain a list of email addresses which aren’t attached to users.

What about if the pdf could be posted to a predefined Slack Channel (a la Extensions)? I think that would work for me.

(Ryan Ackerland) #5

Got it, thanks @jodonnell for the reply!

(Ryan Ackerland) #6

@simonfiddaman All our recipients are not PagerDuty users or subscribers. I like your REST API idea as well as the Slack Channel integration. Either would work for us.

(system) #7