Possible to format alert details (prometheus alertmanager)?

I have a little question. If I navigate to the alert page from PD, and then click on the alert link to see the more detailed page, I see the custom details. Is it possible to change the arrangement for the labels? Or format it for example with markdown or something like that? Just to adapt it to our needs a little bit and make it somehow more readable.
We are using the prometheus alertmanager for example:
description: ‘{{ .label.label1 }}-{{ label.label2 }}’
alertname: ‘{{ .label.label1 }}’
impact: ‘{{ . .label.label2 }}’
action: ‘{{ .label.label3 }}’
severity: ‘{{ .label.label4 }}’

Hi there!

The content of the custom details can be customized via the Prometheus AlertManager configuration, as you may already be aware.

The style and arrangement of the keys, however, cannot be modified via the payload itself; they are automatically generated from the custom details part of the event payload.

If using Events API v2, the via configuring payload in AlertManager one could set additional PD-CEF fields. That could thus be used for more prominently displaying all the most important details not to mention making the alerts more easily searchable for that info (i.e. using filters on the alerts page).

More info:


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