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Hey folks - More of a question for the community than a solution.

I came across a web based utility a few weeks ago that allows PD user data to be easily modified via a spreadsheet like front end. I didn’t bookmark it and now I can’t find it now. Hopefully one of you know what I’m talking about and have the link you can post here.

(If I come across it again I’ll be sure to post it as it was pretty handy when doing needing to do a bulk update in a user friendly format)

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Hi Joe! I think you’re talking about the Bulk User Manager Sample app we have on GitHub.

Code is https://github.com/PagerDuty/pagerduty-bulk-user-mgr-sample

And, it’s running https://pagerduty.github.io/pagerduty-bulk-user-mgr-sample/

If you have any issues or questions please post to the GitHub project: https://github.com/PagerDuty/pagerduty-bulk-user-mgr-sample/issues

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