PD still calls after I acknowledge in Slack


(Robert Werner) #1

I’m testing out PagerDuty for the first time. I’ve setup bi-directional integration with Slack.

In Slack, I issued this command:

/pd Test Incident

Within about 10 seconds, the incident appeared in Slack. I immediately pressed “Acknowledge”. Yet my phone still rang 2 minutes later.

It’s not clear to me why PagerDuty rang my phone when I already acknowledged in Slack. Is this deliberate or some sort of a latency issue?


(Demitri Morgan) #2

Can you find the incident that was created from Slack and examine its timeline? It’s expected that you’ll find the acknowledgement event in there. In general, the Timeline (which you can find by opening the incident’s view page) is a good first place to look to see what happened over an incident’s lifecycle when something doesn’t seem right, especially with respect to notifications and auto-escalation.

If you don’t see the acknowledge in the incident’s history, or something seems out of the ordinary, send us a link to the incident (support@pagerduty.com) and we can take a closer look to see what happened here.

(system) #4