PagerDuty’s Full Service Ownership Ops Guide just got a major update

Hi Community Friends! We wanted to make sure that absolutely everyone saw that we just launched a big update to our Full Service Ownership Guide.

Full Service Ownership Ops Guide

So, What’s new?:

  • A guide teams can use to help define the boundaries of a given service and identify its key stakeholders.
  • A full description of all the functional roles that should be represented within a service team in order for it to successfully own its lifecycle.
  • The entire set of lifecycle phases for a service—from initial design through retirement from production—are defined, with management considerations that should be addressed during each phase.
  • An example three-tiered escalation policy for incident responders that details how the policy affects incident response patterns. The example shares a common escalation policy used internally at PagerDuty.
  • Helpful tips to avoid common pitfalls both when getting started with adopting full-service ownership practices, as well as when scaling those practices at the organizational level.

Please share your thoughts, insights, and your ownership stories with us… We’d love to chat about it!