PagerDuty on PagerDuty with Dave Cliffe and Kat Gaines


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Unless you spent the last few years on a remote deserted island, you might have noticed some changes in how work gets done at your company. Whether you call it Digital Transformation, DevOps, or Digi-DevOps-ification, it reaches far beyond just your Development and Operations teams. To be a successful digital business, it requires everyone to become more responsive to the rising expectations of customers. In this session, you’ll hear how PagerDuty, itself a digital business, has transformed how it operates by integrating technology to solve problems across BusinessOps, Customer Support, DevOps, ITOps, SecOps, and more.

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Dave Cliffe, Head of Imagineering, PagerDuty
Kat Gaines, Manager, Customer Support, PagerDuty

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