Pagerduty not receiving incident from Zabbix

This is a unique setup, because we already have a working Pagerduty alert running from our zabbix system- this is used by a contractor monitoring some equipment they manage.

So we know that the agent is installed, that we have the ability to reach Pager duty, and i confirmed with them today that it is working as expected.

However, I created a new zabbix user, put my pagerduty integration key in- mirroring how the working user had it listed. Created a new group with the correct permissions, new action, then tested the action and it shows ‘sent’ in zabbix, but no incident appears in my pagerduty service

Hello Corey,

To help appreciate the issue raised here, there would be a need to get more details about your setup, like the service in question. However, those details being private to you, would need to be sent directly to the Support Team,


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