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We are using Jira Cloud (latest version) and we have tickets that are automatically created whenever an incident is created in pd. Currently we have been able to successfully map a few fields btw the two (description, title…) when the incident is initially, automatically created. What I would like is to have the person who frist acknowledges the incident to map to the ‘assignee’ field in Jira Cloud. Any ideas? (Ideally I would also like that once that happens, every time incident is handed off to someone else, in pd, the assignee of the Jira ticket, also gets changed. But baby steps first.)


(Paul) #2

PagerDuty’s Jira Cloud extension is bidirectional in the sense that you can create Jira issues from PagerDuty incidents and PagerDuty incidents from Jira issues. However, it does not currently have the ability to map users from PagerDuty to Jira.

We can see how it would be useful to map your users this way, so I will pass this feedback on as a feature request to our Product team. In the meantime, the statuses will still update from PagerDuty to Jira and vice versa, and you don’t have to go to PagerDuty to see the current assignee. Clicking on the PagerDuty incident linked in your Jira ticket will show you the current assignee in PagerDuty without leaving Jira.

(Mark Trochym) #3

Oh ok. Thanks for answering that. Yes, it would be a nice feature. Is that also the case with single sign-on?

(Paul) #4

No, that works differently. If you have an SSO provider configured in PagerDuty (such as AD FS, Okta, or OneLogin), users can be synched and provisioned using their email address.

(Mark Trochym) #5

Hmm. We have enabled SSO (okta using email) but we aren’t seeing the users being assigned once they have acknowledged the incident. Is there another step we should be trying to have them auto synced?

(Paul) #6

If you have SSO set up with Okta, new users should be able to log into PagerDuty and have a profile provisioned for them by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Sign In With Your Identity Provider
  3. On the next page, enter in your PagerDuty subdomain and then click Sign In With Your Identity Provider again
  4. This should forward you to your Okta sign-in page. Enter in your Okta credentials and click Sign In

Note that you would need free user licenses available in order to provision new users in. You can check your free user license count by navigating to Configuration > Users and referring to the top right.

If you have free user licenses and the steps above aren’t working, please send us an email (to with the user’s email address and a timestamp of when they made the request, and we would be happy to investigate.

(Mark Trochym) #7

Ok. We have enabled sso for our users but assingees still aren’t automatically mapped to the Jira issue when the ticket gets created or, even better, when the incident is acknowledged by the pd user.


(Paul) #8

This is expected - as I mentioned earlier, our Jira Cloud integration does not currently have the ability to map users from PagerDuty to Jira. You can map it to a constant value by following the instructions here, but at this time you would need to update the assignee in Jira manually after the incident is created.

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