PagerDuty emails to everyone


(Stephen Pride) #1

We are using Icinga as our alert trigger mechanism, which then sends a notification to a specified PD service. Before going with PD, we had Icinga set up to send email notifications to everyone on our team, but only the person currently on call would get an SMS alert. What we’d like to do is have the same functionality in PD. That is, only the person currently on call will get an SMS and/or phone call (i.e., hi-urgency notification), but everyone on the team would get an email. Would this be possible, and, if so, how? Thanks.

(Jay Paige) #2

Hey Stephen,

To accomplish your goal, you can set up a group alias in your org and attached that alias to dummy user in your PagerDuty account with email notification rule added and put that dummy user on the first layer of the escalation policy.

(system) #5