PagerBeauty on-call widget v1.0.0: Active Incidents and Grafana Support


(Sergii Tkachenko) #1

PagerBeauty 1.0.0 is out!

This version introduces active PagerDuty incident display:

Here’s how it looks like on real dashboard:

I added Grafana theme and instructions:

For those using HTTP authentication, v1.0.0 brings access authentication token (RFC6750) so PagerBeauty with HTTP auth can be embedded in modern browsers.

See the full list of changes in

See previous post for introduction.

I appreciate any feedback and will answer all your questions on twitter @sergiitk or GitHub.

Best regards,
Sergii Tkachenko

(John Baldo) #2

Hi Sergii,

Thanks for sharing this with the community! Very excited to check it out and share with others.


(Sergii Tkachenko) #3

Awesome! Thank you, @jbaldo.
Also, you might be glad to hear that it’s trending on r/devops subreddit today!