pager duty and servicenow mapping fields


(Sonita) #1

Mapping fields between pagerDuty and servicenow was working perfectly , now I wanted to test again ( after 3 days since it was working fine) and noticed that it’s not working! I didn’t change anything . how come it’s not working? her’s an example :

the contact type instead of monitoring it’s phone when you open the incident in the servicenow

(Malcolm Konner) #2

Hi Sonita,

Were you testing your inbound field rules by the manner which is described below or are you just not seeing fields populate when incidents are created?

Testing Your New Inbound Field Rule

We also have a list of common causes where an inbound field rule is not filling its target field with the desired value and how to troubleshoot.

There’s nothing glaringly wrong to me from your configuration there but the above could help identify the issue!

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