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I’m interested in the Operations Command Console and how status of infrastructure/services/applications is retrieved to be presented in the console, however the public documentation on the console is quite vague on the subject and doesn’t provide any details on how this information can be collected.

Does PagerDuty allow for Health Status information from AppDynamics to be used to populate the status of infrastructure/applications, and that even without a status change event?
In the same line of question, is it possible to present business transaction response times coming from Sumo Logic into the console?

How would something like this be configured?

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Hi! Thanks for your interest in the Operations Command Console! This has recently become part of the new PagerDuty Visibility product (more information here and here) and has been renamed to the Visibility Console.

In terms of the Health Status Information from App Dynamics, the Visibility Console information would currently be based only on the status change events sent to PagerDuty. These can be seen on the console in the Major Incidents application for any incidents triggered from the events, as well as a visualization of all of the events by service over time in the Infrastructure Health application.

For the business transaction response times from Sumo Logic, these are just the sort of real-time performance metrics that we created the new Impact Metrics capability for! With PagerDuty Visibility you can create a new impact metric and begin feeding the transaction response time data to it which you can then display in the Visibility mobile dashboard in your PagerDuty mobile app.

In the future we will also be bringing those impact metrics visualizations into the Visibility Console on the web app, but unfortunately that isn’t possible today.

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