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We had an interesting request from one of our exec today. I am trying to research for him the best way to achieve this. We currently send him PD alerts using High / Low notifications. He is looking to have 2 esculation policies set up for high / low for his office hours and when out of office. I know I can schedule oncall schedules but that will only alert during those hours and not during off hours. I thought about creating a second account but it wont let me use the same Phone numbers (cell) if its already in use by another account.

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Hi @ScottBraunstein,

What does your user want to receive that’d different from what he is receiving now?

I’m filling in some blanks here - maybe different notification rules for different times?

It could just be you need to configured Support Hours on the Service to change the urgency of the alert during different hours - https://support.pagerduty.com/docs/service-settings.

Note that a Service can only have a single Escalation Policy attached, and by splitting alerts to target different Escalation Policies you will have to either check if there’s a scheduled user before determining which Service to sent the alert to, or send all updates to both (which will lead to duplication, and effective re-escalation, of the alert at the time boundaries). We do this for Teams who want to deal with their own alerts privately during the day but have the NOC respond at night.

Hopefully that helps,

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In this case he wants to still be contacted just in a different policy. Ex. During the day he received critical alerts via high priority as well as information alerts via low priority. What he is looking to do is keep those the same however during business hours ring his desk phone, during non business hours ring his home phones.

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Ahh, that’s a complex set of rules that aren’t currently programable in PagerDuty. The exception may be configuring both home+office numbers to trigger at the same time. The condition there is that no one is at home to be bothered by the calls during the day, but it’s a simple fix.

Other option is to just always use his mobile phone?

Why is your exec on an On-call roster? (Side question, unrelated to solution).



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how to we get this submitted as a future enhancement request.

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