On-Call Schedule with ServiceNow Calendar

Good Afternoon,

I have been asked to do an integration between ServiceNow and PagerDuty On-Call schedule i.e. a ServiceNow calendar gets populated with the PagerDuty On-Call schedule automatically, haven’t found any documentation yet on how to do this, I know you can manually export the schedule.

Any ideas anyone?

Kind Regards

Bored Panda

Hi Ashley,

There isn’t a way to achieve this using the ServiceNow integration I’m afraid. I’m also not aware of ServiceNow being able to import schedules manually via iCal file or WebCal feed either, but am curious if you’ve had success with doing this.

I’ve heard of one customer writing their own script involving the Get a schedule endpoint and then parsing data received from that call into ServiceNow in some way, but was not able to tell if they had success or not.

I can relay feedback to our Product Team about your desire to import schedules into ServiceNow. They would be happy to know your use case if you care to share any further feedback for us to include

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