On call report for a given schedule

Hi guys,

We have some audit need to pull “who was oncall” at a specific moment. I went through Analytics and Schedule features and I can’t find a way to pull a report that will mention “this person was on call at this time” from date/time A to B.

So far I think the only way would be to pull the ical version of the schedule and it contains last 30 days… but a dedicated report that allow to interrogate a long period history would be great.

Let me know if I missed something or if it’s a feature that needs to be set on your development roadmap.

Martin Gagné
Oracle Cloud Operations - Oracle Talent Acquisition

You could opt to use our REST API, specifically the get on_oncalls endpoint to retrieve this data for the date period you’re interested in.

Thanks Thomas,

I tried this API to collect who is oncall a this right moment but I missed that we can pass parameters for time.

I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks !


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