NPM for the existing-official javascript library?

there is an existing official-repo for your javascript api ( and it could be published to npm with some tweaks to allow any usage of it. there is even an open ticket for it :slight_smile: (

what do you think?
i’m trying to avoid using a community addition…


I believe @smcallister is working on this :slight_smile:

Yep! This is in flight. I’m in the process of creating accounts and preparing the library to be published as an npm package. The library was originally built as a tool for client side JavaScript, so still need to assess the level of effort it would take it make it useful for Node.

Just curious, @benyitzhaki, are you looking to use this client side or in Node?

If you need a Node library right now, I recommend

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Awesome! Looking for it. I need it for a Node project.
can i get notified somehow when it gets released?

thanks for the fast response

Hi @benyitzhaki, I’ll be sure to keep you informed of updates. However, looking at the PDJS code, it’s built for client side JavaScript. It’s structure extends off the window object, which is only available in the browser. As you mentioned, totally possible to change, but it will take some time.

Is there a feature you’re looking for that is not currently available in the library?

@smcallister Gotcha. I’m currently working with kmart’s package but was hoping to replace it with official repo

Makes sense, @benyitzhaki . I’ve been in contact with the maintainer of that repo, and he’s been great to work with. Let me know if you have issues with the library, and i’ll see if I can help get the necessary fixes pushed through.


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