Notification email when schedules change


(Danny Bof) #1

Is there a way to get a notification email (to the team/manager/etc.) when a change is made to the team schedule?


(Trish Watson) #2

Hey Danny! We currently do not offer this functionality. However, I would love to gather more information on the problem you are trying to solve, and pass along your feedback to our Product team. Can you please explain in more detail the pain you are experiencing, and how it will be solved by this request?

(Danny Bof) #3

Hi Trish,

This request came from one of our scrum masters in charge of coordinating the work of the team. Since we have multiple on call schedules, the scrum master needs to keep in mind who’s assigned to each on call schedule to know which stories/tasks can be assigned to which engineer.

If anything changes after a sprint planning, he may need to adjust things for the sprint and having an email notification from PD advising of the calendar change, would make things easier.

The alternative would be to have the scrum master to manage the on call schedules or rely on the engineers to properly communicate any changes, which some times is challenging.

Look at this as a good to have feature, probably not a must have.

(Anton Van Oosbree) #4

Hi Danny,

Thanks for explaining how that would help. We’ll pass your feedback along to our Product Team.

(Michael Nikitochkin) #5

Hi guys

Do you have any Activities page for schedule changes? Limited users can override anyone with anyone. It is very important to know when it happen and who did this.


(Anand Narayanan) #6

I have been trying to figure out the same thing for my company. We make schedule over-rides occasionally. Whenever such changes are made, we would like a notification email to be sent to one or more aliases.

We would also like something such as “Schedule for the next 2 weeks” which prepares the on-call folks by giving them a heads-up about their upcoming assignments.

(Anand Narayanan) #7

Is there any plan to offer this as a feature? We have received multiple requests to notify our team members whenever a schedule change is made.

(system) #8

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