New webhook for On Call rotation event

(Sebastian) #1

Unfortunately you guys seem to auto-close any topics after 21 days, so your users can’t even upvote this to indicate interest.

We would be VERY interested to push an event to our Slack when someone goes on-call. A webhook for on-call would make this possible.

This has been requested previously:
New webhook for On Call rotation event and
New webhook for On Call rotation event

(Thomas Roach) #2

We do have a way to have Slack display the on-call user, which is via this open-source tool that we use internally:

This will add the on-call user to the Slack channel topic, which also posts to the channel when it changes.

(John Baldo) #3

Hi Sebastian,

I just wanted to chime in and say that although topics may auto-close here, it doesn’t mean that we are no longer considering it. As you mentioned, we’ve heard the request before and it’s a great one. Right now out webhooks are scoped to incidents on a service, so we’re looking into expanding that to include more (including on-call handoff). I don’t have a timeline for the work to be complete, but I can say that we’re planning to make it happen.

In the meantime, there are some polling solutions out there like the one Thomas linked to.

Thanks for sharing your feedback here,


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(Sebastian) #4

Thanks for your message, John,

I know that you have heard the request previously.
But by auto-closing topics, your users won’t be able to vote on a topic and you will never know how popular a single topic may be/how many users are actually interested in a certain feature.

For now we have implemented the above slack solution.


(Jon Parodi) #5

I would like to provide my 2-cents regarding this request in addition to my +1 vote
While the slack bot is nice for letting people know ad-hoc, we have further integrations that we would want to use:

Use case: Within Slack we have a slack group whose membership maps to the current on-call team in Pagerduty. We want to be able to update that automatically through pagerduty triggers to accommodate unforeseen changes like schedule overrides.

Furthermore, I fully agree with @macsebi regarding the statement of being able to properly scope the interest of a topic when it autocloses after 21 days. I was about to open a new thread of my own just in order to add vote to this since all the others I have seen were automatically closed.

(John Baldo) #6

Thanks for posting this, Jon.

(Jonathan Curry) #7

@macsebi & @JonParodi - Thanks for your feedback on auto-close and voting in the fourms.

There are a few reasons - mostly technical, none of them fascinating - why topics in #support and #dev auto-close 21 days after the last reply. We’re always looking at ways to improve the forums and will see what we can do to change this and keep feature request topics open.

As @jbaldo mentioned, we still track customer interest in feature requests even after a topic has been auto-closed. We use a system that allows us to track feature requests from all sources, including the forums, meetings, events, phone calls, and support tickets.

TL;DR: We’ll look at ways to keep long-standing feature requests open. Until then, your votes still count even when a topic closes. :slight_smile:

Please open a new topic in #meta if you have any other suggestions!

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