New webhook for On Call rotation event

(AJ Schmidt) #1

There was a topic originally opened for this issue here: New webhook for On Call rotation event

That topic was closed, but I wanted to see if there was any progress made on this request. My team is also interested in a webhook that fires when the on-call person changes. Hopefully this feature is in the works if. It seems like it’d be pretty handy.

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New webhook for On Call rotation event
(John Baldo) #2

Hi AJ,

Thanks for writing about this. We’re in the process of making some upgrades that should enable more webhook event types in the future, but no updates on this specific request.


(Paul Bowsher) #3

Just adding our own +1 for this. It’d be super useful to be notified when this changes. We currently poll the API and monitor for changes then fire our own event. This isn’t the most reliable or efficient method, we’d love to have something natively supported.


(John O'Donnell) #4

Thanks all!

We always appreciate feedback and +1s hopefully we will have an update for you soon on this one.

Kind regards,


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