New Services search functionality

I noticed with the ‘New’ Services update, being able to search by an integration API key would return the service that it belongs too. That no longer works in the update. Am I missing a checkbox or just hasn’t been added yet? It is a very useful feature.

Hi @MarkTrochym, thanks for this feedback! You are correct that this functionality isn’t available there yet - our Product team is looking into adding this back into the new Service Directory view. In the meantime, I would recommend using the old services view for this functionality; you should see a link at the top to go back to the old services view.

Cool. Thank you !!

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Hi @MarkTrochym! Good news - our team just released the functionality to search by service level integration keys in the service directory.

Please note that the searches need to be prepended with key: so that the search looks like key:INTEGRATION-KEY-HERE.