New JDK12 Events V2 Client


The core library aims to have minimum dependencies (java.base, A JSON response parsing module is provided which relies on the module systems.comodal.json_iterator, but it is easy to provide your own adapter if a different JSON parsing library is preferred.

Posting here to try to get it added to

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James! Thank you for contributing a library for the PagerDuty Developer community! I’ll add it to our list so that other developers can find it. We do already have a project listed with the same name. It is also a Java client for the Events API. While yours is written for JDK12, I see that it’s mainly geared toward Gradle. Am I understanding that correctly?

Would you mind providing a one line description? Or, would you say that the one-liner on the GitHub project best describes it?

Thanks Scott!

Gradle is just what I use to build/manage the project, any Java 12+ project can use the library.

I’m terrible with descriptions, but maybe “V2 Events API Client for Java 12+ with minimal dependencies”? or just “V2 Events API Client for Java 12+”. I’m fine with anything.

Oh! That’s right! Gradle is just the build tool–basically an alternative to Maven. I was getting it confused with Groovy. It’s been a while since I was building stuff in the Java world. :wink:

I’ve added your library to the list! Thanks again!

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