Need help in configuring Zendesk-PagerDuty two-way integration


(Nilesh Kumbhar) #1

Not able to do Two-way integration with Zendesk. Can anybody help me with this?

Thanks in advance…

(John O'Donnell) #2

HI Nilesh,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you expand the issues you are having with Zendesk? Where are you getting stuck?

(Nilesh Kumbhar) #3

I am getting stuck when trying deployment on Heroku. After deployment when I clicked on “View” tab it shows 403 Forbidden error. Is it expected?

(John O'Donnell) #4

HI Nilesh,

No that is not expected behaviour, but I can also see you opened up support ticket with my colleague - and I will let them take it from there.

But please do update us if there is anything you need.

(system) #5