Namaste World

Namaste, this is Kushagra from India,
I have a diverse portfolio, currently i am a student at Institute of Managment, Nirma University.
and i have previously done a certified course in C / C++, that makes me a programmer and for this i am studying Python and Bash for which i could not find a guru.

Check out my progress at

and then i’ve also been designing for various Organisations ground the city for almost third year now, this i think makes me a Graphic Designer. BTW i use Inscape and GIMP only.

Thanks for reading

Hi Kushagra,

Welcome to the PagerDuty Community - we are excited that you’re here!

It looks like you have a LOT of projects and studies going - that’s awesome! How are you using PagerDuty with all of these different interests?

We are so happy you became a part of our Community!