Namaste from Bangalore, India!

Hello fellow Devs, I’m Chetan here from Bangalore, India

Currently, I’m working in Philips Healthcare, creating great solutions for Hospitals! :sunglasses: guess what! We’er also using the Pager Duty APIs and services for our monitoring. It has helped our production environment stay up 24x7x365!

Thanks @PagerDuty team!

Love to be part of this community! Looking forward in meeting new folks, reading something interesting each day and yeah, in the end, help to make people’s life easy!

You can catch more of me here :


Welcome, Chetan! Glad you enjoy working with the API. Be sure to check out the Developer forum if you have any questions, or better yet, if you have answers from your experiences! :wink:

Also, I enjoyed your photography site, and have to give you props for your Zeppelin avatar. :guitar:

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Hahaha, thanks! Sure, will do…

LedZepp forever!


:guitar: :sunglasses:

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