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Over the holiday period we want to alert the whole team during office hours. schedules only alert for one individual at a time and when you add users to a policy they will be alerted of incidents outside of a schedule.

Hour would i notify all team members (10 people) of incidents as they come during weekday office hours? the only way i see to do this is to have 10 schedules (one for each team member) on the policy is this correct?

Many Thanks.

Hi @PaulErrington, schedules are designed to be a rotation, and we don’t currently have a feature specifically for holiday schedules. The best way to do this currently is to create a separate schedule for each user you want to be on call, and restrict each schedule to the days and hours this user will be on call.

When creating or editing a schedule here are the steps to follow:

  1. In Step 1, select the user who will be on call
  2. In Step 2, set the rotation type to weekly and handoff time to the start of the week (the start of their first shift, e.g. Monday 8:00 a.m.)
  3. Still in Step 2, check the Restrict on-call shifts to specific times option. Then choose Restrict on-call duty to specific times-of-the-week and specify the days and times the shift will cover. Note that you can click the green + sign to add multiple time slots (e.g. Monday 08:00 to Monday 16:00, Tuesday 08:00 to Tuesday 16:00, etc.)
  4. Take a look at the final schedule below. It will update with each change you make and the schedule will adjust accordingly.

Once you have created a schedule for the first user, you can use it as a model. Go into the schedule, click copy near the top right. Then change the name and the user, and adjust the shifts if required. Once you have all your schedules, you can add them to the escalation policy.

For further reading, here are links to some articles from our Knowledge Base on schedules:

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