Moving to a New Nagios Server

Hello All,

I am in the process of moving all of our Nagios checks to a newer Linux server/VM. I am wondering what I’ll need to do to move our PagerDuty things over to this new server.

Is it that I just need to install PagerDuty again and then copy over the existing integration key to the new server…?

Sorry, its been quite a while since I did the pagerduty installation and don’t really remember how I linked the installation to our PagerDuty account.

Also, instead of having to re-install/re-compile, (*we installed PagerDuty to /opt/pdagent), and I able to just copy this directory over to the new server…?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Matt,

Yes, you are correct. After successfully moving your Nagios checks, you will need to re-install pd-agent (or pagerduty_nagios.cfg if you are using the integration without the agent) and go through the integration process again. You should be able to reuse the integration key on your PagerDuty nagios service.

Please let me know if this fully addresses your inquiry or if I can provide additional information to assist you in this process.


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