More Efficient Personal Notification Rules

As the option is implemented today a person needs to build out their notification rules manually if they want to get notified more than once for incidents as they page.

If a person wants to get paged more than once, they currently have to add a new entry for every time they want to get notified while the incident is still active and that is severely time-consuming. In VictorOps we had a call me until I answer option that was super useful. If say a person wanted to get notified every minute when an incident is assigned to them they currently have to make a new entry for each minute they want to get notified.

While I get the reason to allow each individual the option to set their patterns, having the option to just set a call me until I answer option is important for cases where for example there is only one person that is going to be getting notified for incidents of a certain type.

Maybe something like call me every x minutes but make this be overridden by the escalation policy so we end up with something like this:

Personal notification rule for Primary and Secondary on-call employee:
page me every minute until I answer.

Escalation Policy:
* Primary
* Escalates after 5 minutes
* Secondary
* Escalates after 5 minutes
* Manager
* Repeats 9 times after 5 minutes

This would cause the primary person to be notified each minute up to the 5-minute mark at which time it would escalate to the second person who would also get notified each minute until the 5-minute mark, then it would escalate to the manager. If no one takes action it then rotates that process 9 times.

What could possibly help more is if there would be a tiered approach where you could set the policy to build on the initial notification pattern in so doing, it would keep calling the primary while escalating to the secondary thus paging both, and so on… Something like the attached image.

Handling SLA’s and ownership would fall on the manager of the team to have that talk with employees that are on-call that are not doing their part.

More Efficient Personal Notification Rules

Hi Francisco,

This is Katie from the Product team. The best way to setup this pattern today is…

  • Escalation policy with 1 individual who needs to be paged:
    Set the escalation policy to repeat the maximum number of times (9).

  • Escalation policy with multiple levels of people who need to be paged:
    Add the user(s) on the first layer to each subsequent layer so that they are paged again every time the notifications escalate.

However like you mentioned, I know that these are not ideal work arounds. I’ll add this to our feature requests around escalation policies.

Thank you for your feedback!