Mobile App Servicenow incident link not showing.

The mobile app was showing the servicenow incident # as a link, now it is not. was this feature removed?

Hi @besidetheriver, we haven’t removed this functionality, so you should still be able to go into an associated ServiceNow ticket from the PagerDuty mobile app. What may be happening here is that your phone is mistaking the ServiceNow incident number in the incident description (e.g. INC1234567) as a phone number.

If you scroll down in the incident in the mobile app, you should see a Client section for incidents associated with a ServiceNow incident, with a View in ServiceNow link. This is where you should click to go to go to the ServiceNow incident. If you are not seeing this, please email our support team ( with the details and we would be happy to take a closer look.

Phone is recharging but this section is ONLY appearing with incidents created in service now as p1/p2 but not with incidents created due to incoming alert from the monitoring system through an email.

I sent screenshot before and as you can see the section you described is no longer in the ticket at all.


Hi Miguel,

I do want to apologize for the confusion and confirm our last statement in your Support ticket is valid:

If there’s an incident created exteriorly, like ServiceNow to PagerDuty, the URL displays within the app. If the incident is from another integration which syncs to ServiceNow through PagerDuty, there is no URL in the mobile app incident display.

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