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I see a couple topics on this but they are closed or dead. I want to bump this topic. We have been using PagerDuty with slack integration for some time but we are consolidating our multiple communication platforms and have made the decision to move to Microsoft Teams. There is no comparison that can honestly be made between the Slack and Teams integrations. The Teams integration is very lacking. Simply put, can we get a teams integration that is comparable to the Slack integration? I see competitor offerings with this functionality and would honestly like to stay with PagerDuty.

The Teams connector for PagerDuty doesn’t give enough info in the message. Our team members have to click into PD to see any meaningful info which is a big process change and productivity slow down. I’ve tried to use the Channel email feature of teams but there are limitations to that as well. When notifications stack up, a single message is posted with X triggered events. There is an auto resolve feature but no auto acknowledge feature. If my teams integrations user posts a message and then another team member clicks the URL and acknowledges the incident there is no post back to the channel to update other team members. The same can be said for resolutions.

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Hi @FMcgee!

Thank you kindly for this feedback. We appreciate the need for this and can understand the pain points you have outlined. There’s a similar community thread around this that is still open, and I’ve added a bit of background on this in that thread:

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