Microsoft Teams integration


(Paul Dott) #1

The current Microsoft Teams integration is lacking one vital piece of information: the Incident title. Can this be added to the webhook?


(geeth) #2

The integration currently does not offer this functionality. It’s a pretty useful aspect to incorporate and I will pass along your feedback to our Product team as a feature request.

(Aaron) #3

Yes, this needs to be added asap, the current Pagerduty integration is absolutely useless. We will be evaluating other solutions if this isn’t added.

(Sean Higgins) #4

Hi Paul,

Thanks for flagging this. As Geeth mentioned, we have this tracked as a feature request.

The incident title itself is included in the webhook, but for some reason, it wasn’t added to the notification posted into Microsoft Teams (the Teams integration was actually built by the team over at Microsoft).

In any case, we’ll get this fixed up in the next version of the Teams integration. If there’s anything else you’d like to see, please let us know.


(system) #5

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