Microsoft Teams - Anyone solved for two way integration ?

(Andrew Brown) #1

Hi… We are a Microsoft house, and using Teams extensively.
Has anyone seen or know how to get two integration working, specifically Notes ?
Would be great to programmaticly:

  • Create a channel for each incident
  • Sync chat <-> notes

I’ve seen options possibly with YellowAnt or other middleware, but it would be great to keep it between the platforms…


(Thomas Roach) #2

Would you mind elaborating here about what you’re looking to do specifically between MS teams and PagerDuty? That way we can take a look and determine how we can best assist.

(Chiedu Uraih) #3

Hello Anthony,

Your query is not very clear. Please it would help if you can elaborate a bit more
as to what you want to achieve with Teams. That said, that you reviewed the Integration Guide?

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