Me = Zach Wordes

My name is Zach Wordes and I’m on the Talent Development team here at PagerDuty. I love what I do and am so grateful for the opportunity to impact my amazing coworkers here. I’m passionate about learning and development and constantly looking to grow my knowledge and share experience. I also love getting to know others and welcome any new connection, so reach out and say hi!

I live in Southern California, near where I was born and raised, but I long for the day that I will call Portland, Oregon home again (love that place and lived there 2 years). So, I’d like to tell you that my free time is spent hiking, surfing, and doing fun stuff that I like and used to do all the time. But, now I have a partner, our child, and a dog so most of my free time is spent with them. We like to make our own food as much as possible from scratch, so lots of cooking and baking. I looooove baking and have two 3-year old cultures that I maintain for baking sourdough breads.


That’s dedication :clap: I haven’t maintained anything for 3 years.

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Yeah, I love baking, find it very peaceful. Next time I come up to SF I’ll bring you some of my bread Jonathan!

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