Max and available user count API?


(Steve Huitt) #1

Is tehre a REST API that will return the max number of users and the available number of users for an account?

If I try to create a user using the API and have reached max user count what is the API response?

Thanks, Stvee

(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi Steve,

If you are referring to an account with a hard user cap, then unfortunately this information is not yet directly available in the REST API.

In the mean time, you will receive a status 400 response with a message indicating you have reached the users limit if you try to create a new user and would go over. Moreover, if you make a GET request to the index endpoint ( /users) and include the parameter total=true, you will receive a property total in the response that lists the current user count (as described in our documentation on Pagination in the REST API).

Hopefully that helps!


(Steve Huitt) #3

Thanks you Demitri, this does help.

Regards, Steve

(Raanan Kesar) #4

Hi Demitri,
I think Steve’s initial ask (API for max number of users) makes perfect sense and it would be good to know whether this is in your backlog and some estimate to when it will become available.

The notion of API first, UI second helps customers leverage your tool capabilities in a more automated fashion. Trying to add a user and receiving a status 400 response means we failed to onboard a user. The better solution is enabling the customer to monitor how close he gets to consume all seats and purchase more ahead of time. Would you agree?

(Demitri Morgan) #5

Hi Raanan,

I agree, and will share this with the Product team. As it currently works, the maximum number of users (when there is a hard cap) is only visible in the subscription details (under Configuration → Account Settings), which is not visible except to the account owner and is not exposed through the same APIs as other information like the current number of users.

Thanks for chiming in and making it clearer why we need this!

(Raanan Kesar) #6

I can also see the max number within the Configuration -> Users page (under the ‘Plan Details’ pane) as it lists the ‘Full Users’ ‘AVAILABLE’ and ‘MAX’ numbers. This part of the UI seems to be visible to all admins.

(Demitri Morgan) #7

My mistake! It is also available to users with the appropriate privilege level. Nevertheless, since it is not available through the web API, I have submitted an enhancement request. Product and engineering will be considering it.

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