Making a schedule override for a whole week


(Erik Wendel) #1

We have quite a large team (~20 developers) that have week-long on-call periods.

When developers swap on-call periods, it’s quite tedious to have to create a manual override for every day of that week (a lot of clicks involved per override).

It would be nice to be able to create an override for the entire week (and that’s a monday to monday-week, not starting sunday, like in pagerduty).

Any other tips on how to make this task easier would be appreciated!

(geeth) #2

Hi Erik!

It looks like you continued your feedback on a similar thread.

I’ll add these details into your request as well!

(Jeremy) #3

Hello Erik, we use 1 week schedules internally too. When making an override, you can select a “custom duration” and put the start and end date to be a week long. I guess, this assumes a continuous shift instead of “during daylight” or similar. Does this work for you?

(Erik Wendel) #4

Hi @jolexa,

thanks for answering me.

Unfortunately, we only do daylight shifts (from 07:00-23:00), so your proposed solution doesn’t work for us :expressionless:

  • Erik

(Jeremy) #5

Ah yes, Thanks for further explanation. I can see what you mean now.

(James Washer) #6

This is a big pain for us too. We have limited pager hours 1700-2400 M-Th, then 1700F-0400Sun, then 1400-2400 Sun. Basically, this makes every “beeper swap” 14 overrides (7 for each person)

If PD would allow overrides at individual layers (hint hint) then we could just to a solid 7/24 week at Layer1, and add a “notch filter” (hint hint) at layer 2.

(Simon Fiddaman) #7

You could also just fully populate the Schedules themselves, and rely on Support Hours in the Services themselves.

(system) #8