Major Incident Commanders Panel

Hello All, one of the features I would really enjoy having as a Major Incident Commander is an Incident Commanders Command Panel.

When a Major Incident occurs I would be able to go into PagerDuty select the incident of question and be presented the panel. In the panel I would see the following

Status Block

  • Status
  • Incident Start Time
  • Reported Time
  • Incident End
  • Time counter since incident started
  • Time counter since last stakeholder communication sent
  • Time counter since last action reported

Incident Summary Block

  • Incident Number
  • Call Bridge #support
  • Code for call bridge
  • Config Item (this means linking to my CMDB)
  • Priority assignment
  • Reporting Team/Individual/Service
  • Summary


  • A listing of who is engaged and when


  • Log of symptoms reported
  • User Symptoms
  • Technical Symptoms


  • A list of actions taken and when


A running log of incident history

  • Example Tech #1 writes to the PagerDuty incident ticket or Chat log #ActionTaken: Updated bios setting which then would be recorded into the incident history


  • Cause Theory - Not quite sure how to implement this yet

BTW: This would all feed into the postmortem document that I posted on early today.
Also important that the panel pulls from multiple resources such as Chat Channels and entries by other respondents into the “incident” itself.

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Ajit from the Product Team here, thanks for this write up,

Much of what you define is already in our Incident Detail view, though there are some different presentations of data, e.g.

that I’ve noted as suggestions.

Can you expand on the Symptoms block?

Would also welcome hearing about what you envision for the Cause and Resolution block.


The Symptoms block I envision broken into two sections. 1) User symptoms eg. Unable to place order, agent gets no offers, slow response etc… Naturally customization for each org. 2) Technical Symptoms - This is a log of symptoms reported eg API Failure. This could and should at times be pulled from tools performing monitoring and is naturally over writable.

The Cause and Resolution Block also has two sections. 1) Cause Theory - this section can only be completed on either 1) resolution of the incident or 2) RCA performed but never-the-less provides data into the event. Example: Mis-configured code caused API failure. 2) Resolution Detail: This section details the resolution to the incident (i.e. the band aid the was applied). eg: performed emergency change of code base or change ABC component of code.

If you wish to reach out to me directly I can show you some mock-ups on such a design that we have. My contact information can be retrieved from John Malamud at PD.

Also, want to add that there would be ability from commanders panel to launch stakeholder communications to any and all channels that I have defined. For example, I have an extensive visio diagram detailing when/who gets a communication. We have 3 channels we send to using 1) AD distribution groups and 2) 2 external websites. We are currently building automation around this and options are expanded upon depending on what is entered into the selected fields. Example, if I have a P3 impacting 1 customer I am given X options and if 10 or more customers I am given Y options that I select and then appropriate communications is sent.

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