Maintenance Windows

I don’t know if I am just missing it, or if there’s room for growth. I am looking at the Maintenance functionality and trying to find a way to schedule a reoccurring window for service. For example, We patch our servers every first Tue of a month. It would be great to be able to schedule that window so that it reoccurs monthly for us. Yes, I could go in and manually disable it, why not have the ability to do it automatically. I saw there’s a script to run this via an API but I don’t see why this couldn’t/shouldn’t be part of the native console.


It is possible to create recurring Maintenance window. This would be from the Rest API. Can I point you to the documentation round this.


while i understand it can be done via API, but I dont really have a good place nor knowledge to tun the scripts. I dont understand why this couldnt be built right into the PagerDuty site,


We have had similar feedback from other customers and do have a feature request with our product team to create a built-in recurring maintenance window function within the web app. I would add yours to that request.
I will be closing off this post now.