Looking for AWS Event Bridge JSON for rarely occurring event

Hi! Beginning developer here. I’m trying to get the JSON for an AWS Event Bridge call so I can parse it in an AWS Lambda that runs in response to incident creation. The integration calls Event Bridge from a specific event type that comes from AWS Cloudwatch. I tried to test this by sending the “details” from the Cloudwatch event as my payload in event creation via REST EVENT API… I can create the incident but can’t get the Event Bridge call to fire and give me that JSON. Is there a way for me to simulate this (and give me the JSON) without that Cloudwatch event actually happening?

Hi Adam!

It’ll be hard to predict what AWS will send PagerDuty exactly when your CloudWatch Events goes off, but it’ll be possible to at least get the format of where the information will be stored within the Event Bridge webhook.

Possible simulation you may want to try is to create a low threshold EC2 alarm and send it to a service in PagerDuty with a Generic webhook pointing to a URL where you can see the JSON response (webhook.site for example). You’ll find where the AWS Event details will be stored inside the PagerDuty webhooks to Event Bridge there.

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