Long date range fails with since and until fields

I am trying to use the get_incidents API. I am attempting to specify a date range using the since and until fields. I’ve found that if I use since=2019-01-01 and until=2019-06-01 it works, but if I try to extend the until to July or a later month, I get back:

    "error": {
        "message": "Invalid Input Provided",
        "code": 2001,
        "errors": [
            " is invalid."

In summary, I can query Jan - June, but Jan - July fails. July - Oct works. Maybe there is some undocumented limit on the range?

For volume, total reports 732 for Jan 1 - Jun 1, and 535 from Jun 1 - Oct 1 - given the other filters I’ve included on the query.

Yes – the limit on date ranges is 6 months. You’ll need to run this multiple times to cover the date range you’re interested in.