Logo Change for e-mail alerts


(Erick Orrala) #1

Is there a way to change the logo of the emails that are sent out to users/groups when there is an incident event?

Any assistance is welcome, and I thank you in advance

(Trish Watson) #2

Hi Erick! Thank you for this feedback. Were you wanting to change the PagerDuty logo in email notifications? As we currently do not offer this functionality, I would love to gather more information on the problem you are trying to solve, and pass along your feedback to our Product team. Can you please explain in more detail the pain you are experiencing, and how it will be solved by this request?

(Erick Orrala) #3

We are going to start using PagerDuty Alert/notifications as a wide spread message across the whole company. Because of this, our marketing department as us in to change the log on PagerDuty and slap on a company log.

This is the reason for the change.



(Anton Van Oosbree) #4

Hi Erick,

Thanks for the additional context. We’ll pass your info along to the Product Team

(system) #5