Log Entries integration not creating multiple incidents from the "same" Log Entries alert

When the “same” (as in the same tagged alert in log entries) Log Entries alert is triggered after a previous incident is opened (and not resolved), a new incident is NOT created for the alert - even though I have disabled alert/incident grouping for this integration completely. Does anyone know if it is possible to create a separate incident for each new alert created by an integration (in this case log entries)?

Is this a Log Entries issue or a pager duty issue?

Hi Dalton!

Is the second event being de-duplicated into the original alert for having the same key or is there a second alert with a unique key being added to the original incident?

De-duplication is not considered alert grouping as the expectation of events is to send unique alert keys for unique alerts/incidents.

In the latter, this does seem odd and I think some more context with an incident example sent to our Support team would be great for us to look into!

Sure I can get in contact with support.

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