Live Call Routing - Application Error

Hi There,

Live Call Routing behaves strangely.

I setup with direct call. There is a someone standby.

When I called the number, the greetings play out; then we hear 9 busy tone; silence for few seconds; follow by another 9 busy tone; then sometimes it will say “i’m sorry, application error has occurred”. sometimes it will route to the first res-ponder . On the responder phone, “application error has occured” will play out. Then the requester and the responder in the call…

This is very strange. I guess most of the requester will hang up the phone as soon as busy tone is heard.

Any help.

Same issue with “leave a message” option, once a beep sound is play, record some message, then the system will say “an error as occurred”


We are responding to your issue in the Zendesk ticket you raised.
So that we have everything in one place, we would be closing off
this post.


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