List Incident working on created_at property


I have a question that List incident rest api (!/Incidents/get_incidents) is working on which date property. If I give since and until date values it gives me result that all the incidents which have been created within that time window. But if I update the status like change the incident from Triggered to Acknowledged of old incident it is not giving me that incident in specified time. It seems List Incidents API is working on created_at property means it filters incidents based on created time of incidents not updated time of incident. please confirm this.

Let me explain with an example,

Let’s say there are 2 incidents i1 and i2 which are create on 11th December and 1 incident i3 is created on 1st December but its status is changed on 11th December. So if I give filter with since(10th December) and until(12th December) it will give me i1 and i2 only, not i3.

Kindly let us know the behaviour of the API

Thank You

Hi @Sonal1, yes, that’s correct. The since and until parameters at this endpoint filter by the created_at date. If you want to search for incidents updated in a specified timeframe, I would recommend using the Log entries endpoint instead:!/Log_Entries/get_log_entries

You can also get the Log entries for a particular incident ID with this endpoint:!/Incidents/get_incidents_id_log_entries

Thanks for the reply, this will help us


Is there any way we can get incidents within time frame(using since and until) based on its updated time not created time? The reason is Log Entries are giving all the logs/events/history of that incident, while list incident API is giving only incident details. We need only incident details of those incidents which have been modified within given time frame (not all the audits of that incidents)


There isn’t a way to filter by this field, no. The created_at field is what is used with the since and until parameters. The only workaround would be to GET all the incidents and then iterate through them to look for the updated date in your timeframe in the log entries.

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