List Alerts endpoint?


Might have overlooked it, but is there an endpoint to list Alerts, similar to the endpoint that lists Incidents? In particular, one where you need not specify a parent incident or alert ID?

For a variety of reasons, we would like to use suppressed alerts, but from what I can tell, there isn’t a way to enumerate these. Hopefully I’m just missing something!



Hey @pscookiemonster ,

There isn’t a REST API endpoint to show all alerts, so you would need to have an incident ID to get the alerts associated with an incident at this time.

You can get a full list of alerts associated with incidents by doing a GET on your incidents and then iterating through them and hitting the GET alerts endpoint with each incident ID.

If you would like to see this changed, please share a bit about your use case!


Unfortunately it’s not coming up - it appears that using event rules to suppress particular events negates the generation of an incident?

Anyhow! Use case wise, we have some alerts that we want to be… rolled up? Rather than triggering notifications, was hoping to suppress, and then compile a weekly (or some other duration depending on the need) report with data from the API. I’m thinking other scenarios might come up where this would be useful as well, but only in the first week of poking at PagerDuty and the API!

Is there any way to surface Alerts that have no associated incident? Guessing we might be out of luck?


Hi Warren,

Thanks for that additional detail! Using Paul’s suggestion, you would only be able to retrieve Alerts that had ended up under an Incident that had triggered.

There isn’t currently a way to pull alerts that had ended up getting suppressed and which are not associated to an incident. One suggestion that I can think of to achieve being able to get these may be to have these would-be-suppressed alerts instead create a Low-Urgency incident on a service that you might call “Suppressed Alerts Service”. If you have the alerts trigger and deduplicate into a Low-Urgency on this service, they can be retrieved using the suggestion Paul had offered and you may not find them too noisy or interruptive due to them being Low-Urgency.

We do also appreciate you sharing this feedback around your use case of wanting to be able to view suppressed alerts via the REST API and outside of what abilities you have to view them on the Alerts tab within the UI.


Yeah, something along those lines could potentially work. If you have a way to submit a feature request let me know! Guessing it’s a bit of a niche request given that google didn’t turn up similar questions


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