Jira Ticket status update with flow suppression

Hi guys,

We have a case when JIRA ticket is created using PagerDuty integration with JIRA and Prometheus,

Problem is when for example,

  • Prometheus created incident in PagerDuty
  • PagerDuty created ticket in JIRA with status Open
  • PagerDuty changes status of the ticket to Assigned
  • 3 minutes later, before anyone acknowledged the incident, Prometheus resolves an incident

Ticket stays in Assigned status instead of being transferred to Completed,
We have a status mapped - Acknowledged - In Progress - for Jira to PagerDuty

By Jira Workflow, it is not allowed to transfer from Assigned to Completed

Can we suppress Jira flow somehow to set Status to completed whenever Incident is Resolved ?


Hi Evgeniy,

The workflow restriction as you have described is the best explanation for why PagerDuty is unable to automatically close/resolve the corresponding Jira ticket. That being the case, there is no way to resolve the issue except permitting this state change, which in my opinion is both a legitimate and appropriate course of action from an operations standpoint.

I say this because, if one wants to allow an automated process to close tickets before there is an indicator of human work getting started (i.e. acknowledged in PagerDuty), then the legitimacy and existence of such a process needs to be acknowledged and adjusted for in the ITSM workflow configuration. Ultimately, the intention is to allow it, and the configuration change in Jira is just implementing that intention within the operations playbook.

Thanks, for the reply

Currently we are reviewing the workflow but, looks like it is not going to happen :frowning:

There is a strict protocol for support team to follow regarding Incidents

Hi Evgeniy,


Am I correct in assuming that the goal is to prevent humans from moving incidents straight to the resolved state? I can somewhat imagine a way that one could implement this, but it would depend heavily on the capabilities of Jira in terms of permissions/access control granularity .

To elaborate, if it were possible to allow the integration user to set a specific field but not other users, then one could perhaps set up conditional validation that allows the state transition if that field is populated with a specific value that signals it is being updated by the automated process. That way, only the integration could move it straight to resolved.

Also, if it were possible to constrain access to perform certain state transitions to specific users, then that would be a more direct solution.

Thanks Demitri !

I’ll Contact our Jira team to find out whether this can be done


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