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We have been using for months the JIRA Software integration. This integration works with JIRA webhooks and it works very well for our use case: On Jira we have tickets of types “SRE Operation”, whenever someone creates one of these tickets, the integration will automatically create an incident on PagerDuty for us to get a notification and work on these tickets asap.

Now we would like to create a new same integration for a separate service and ticket filter on JIRA, however we cannot anymore use the previous JIRA integration as it was marked as legacy.
We have JIRA Cloud, so I tried using the new JIRA Cloud integration, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to support at all this feature.
The documentation does say that the connection with jira is bidirectional and that you can create Jira issues from PagerDuty incidents and PagerDuty incidents from Jira issues. But I cannot find any way to do this automatically on JIRA.

It also looks like this is a feature supported by the JIRA Server integration as I can see a JQL box in the doc explaining how to configure the integration. Sadly we can’t setup the JIRA server integration.

How can I get this feature on JIRA Cloud? What are the alternatives? Or would it be possible to create and use the legacy integration until this feature is implemented in the JIRA Cloud integration?

Thanks a lot,

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Hi Matthieu,

I’m responsible for our Atlassian integrations here at PagerDuty.

You are correct - the latest version of our Jira Cloud integration does not support this type of behaviour. However, this is something we are currently investigating we’re pulling a plan together for how we can provide this capability. This would enable you to automatically create PagerDuty incident from Jira Cloud.

For now, continue to use the Legacy integration if this functionality is absolutely required. I should have an update to share with you closer to the end of November.

In the meantime, if you have any other feedback or questions about our Jira Cloud integration, let me know.

Thank you,

(Matthieu Poncin) #3

Hi Sean,
Thank you for the update! We will then keep using the legacy integration for now on a single service. The only issue is that we cannot create any new services with the Legacy one as it is not anymore an option, but this should be ok for us at least for some time.

Thanks again,

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Hi Matthieu,

You should now see the legacy jira as an integration option.



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