JIRA Core or Service Desk Integration Problem


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Good Day PagerDuty Community,

I’ve integrated JIRA Core or Service Desk to PagerDuty and All stuffs are working fine. But yesterday, It seems like something gone wrong. Normally, when I created a ticket on JIRA, It will quickly appear to the incidents on pagerduty, calls me, emails me and also texts me that I have that ticket to resolve. But since yesterday It is not working anymore. I don’t know what exactly happen but I’ve beeting testing it since yesterday.

Here is the link on how I’ve integrated JIRA to pagerduty:

Note: I’ve also re-setup everything but no luck. Please advice.

Thank you.

(Alex Maier) #2

One way I can think of for incidents not to trigger would be if no-one is on-call at the time. Did someone change the schedule recently?

(cbtier2) #3

Hi Alex,

I’ve haven’t created a schedule. I just wanted the ticket created in Jira will also trigger an incident on pagerduty. I’ve also integrated the Jira Software and Email from Jira to pagerduty but still the problem exists. Please advice.

Thank you.

(Alex Maier) #4

PagerDuty will not trigger an alert if nobody is on-call. From your answer, I can’t figure out whether you have no schedule at all, and nobody is on-call, or if you’re saying you haven’t created a new schedule.

If it’s the former, than you need to make sure there’s a user on-call, such as yourself, so that the incidents get triggered and notifications sent.

If it’s the latter, I suggest you get in touch with customer Support, because your problem may be account-specific.

(cbtier2) #5

I just created an Escalation Policy and normally It notifies the user and also got escalated when triggered the escalation option.

It is working when I started configuring the Jira with pagerduty integration but I don’t know what happened why It is not normally functioning.

(Clare Kaluzynski) #6

Hello there,

It looks like per Alex’s suggestion, you opened a support ticket with us regarding this issue. We’ll continue to work with you there on getting your integration up and running again, and please do reach out to the community in the future if you have other questions!

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