Is there a way to make response plays notify someone other then responder via scheudle


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I was trying to setup a response play to not only notify the responder but to also notify the manger on duty at the time. It seems response plays can only notify a whole team. Is there a way or plans to allow response plays to only notify those on duty via a schedule?

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HI Jason,

Thanks for reaching out! Can you explain a little more about what you are trying to achieve? When you say ‘Manager On Duty’ is this a specific Escalation Policy just for ‘crisis’ times, or is this a manager already on call? If the manager was already on call, from what I understand regarding your process, they should be notified by normal channels in any case, so I am just wanting some more details about what the ideal workflow would look like and then go from there!

Thanks in advance!


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We have what call duty mangers on duty 24/7. They want to be notified whenever a page is sent for any team in our support center. They are not responders they just want to be made aware of any page sent. They run their own schedule in PD. I was looking at away to add them as an observer to any page and i thought response plays was the best way. But i only want to notify the on-duty manger not the whole team.

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HI Jason,

In this case, it could be an idea to add an Escalation Policy with a schedule of their rota into a response play so they are notified in their timezone for each play ran.

If that idea doesn’t work above, I have let our product team know your feedback and use case. Also, feel free to provide us with any more details if you feel we may have missed a beat over email to, where you can share more sensitive account info and we can take a closer look.

Thanks Jason!

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