Is it possible to have slack V1 and V2 extensions used in PagerDuty environment? yes/no?

Hi PD Community,

I currently have the slack V1 extension configured in our PD environment.
With the latest Slack V2 release, I would like to start testing with V2 before I officially switch over.

My question is , can we have both extensions configured in the same PD instance? yes/no?

They would be configured for two different services


slack V1 is configured with our ServerOps service


slack V2 will be configured with a “TestDawudService”…

I am seeing some problems with this so far, where the slack v2 extension , still seems to be pending an “authorization” in our slack environment, although Pagerduty app is already present in the same workspace, so why would I need an authorization again?

I cannot get Slack V2 extension to work as of yet…

I am following this article here,

issue is fixed, with the approval and “authorization” from my slack admin.
Both extensions can exist in the same PD instance.

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