Is go-pagerduty maintained?

(Paul Bowsher) #1

There’s a number of Pull Requests pending on since the end of October. One in particular we need, and would prefer not to work from a fork.


(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi @PaulBowsher,

We do regret having not given go-pagerduty the proper maintenance and care that it deserves. For what it’s worth, I actually have a personal goal of doing some work on this library as I had done a bit in the past.

Furthermore, our team is going to be reviewing our open source repositories and implementing new processes this year to improve their ongoing maintenance.

I cannot yet provide a timeline, but when there’s an update on this we’ll let you know!

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(Ladislav Prskavec) #3

Thanks for getting us know. I have similar problem and I think that will be more similar easy PR that can helps.


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