Internal Server Error. Code: 2000


Our team is configuring PagerDuty schedules, escalation policies and services via the Terraform PagerDuty provider though I’m not sure if that is relevant as far as the issue is concerned. The error, which is not consistently replicable is:

PUT API call to failed 500 Internal Server Error. Code: 2000, Errors: , Message: An internal error has occurred. PagerDuty administrators have been notified

The error first started to appear when schedules and services created before daylight savings time was in force were amended during when DST was in force (that is the UTC offset increased by an hour) but again not sure if this is related or relevant.

Hi @WhyDoesItDoThat, sorry to hear about these intermittent issues. Are you seeing this response when you exclude the overflow=true parameter? If so, one idea that might help is to append a parameter of exclude[]=users to the request URI. If this doesn’t help, we would like to get some specific details on the request to see if there something related to certain schedules or an account setting that might be causing this. If you are able to pass on these details to, we’d be happy to investigate further.

Thanks Paul,

Setting overflow to false works, though it is not ideal since that doesn’t compensate for the scenario of start and virtual start times not aligning with the rotation start time. Would like to understand why it failed with overflow set to true and the lack of repeatability.

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